Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why doesn’t Mootools have a String.truncate() method?

I need a quick way to truncate strings! I’m surprised that neither MooTools’ String.js or String.Extras.js has such a method.  They have so many super-awesome functions, methods and extensions (I especially love the Date.js extensions!!).  Yeah, I really love mootools, and I feel compelled to share with the community.  So anyway, I wrote out a simple, straightforward String.truncate() function:

     * String.truncate(max, atChar, trail)
     * ++All parameters are optional.
     * @param max = (integer) maximum length of truncated string. Defaults to 100 chars.
     * @param atChar = (string) truncate at the last index of this string. If not found, just truncates to max length.
     *                 If null, does not search and truncates to max length.
     * @param trail = (string) what you want appended to the end of the returned string
     * @author Michael Fuery, Fuery Solutions, Inc.
     * +Requires MooTools Core 1.2.2
    truncate:function(max, atChar, trail){
        var s = this.trim();
        if(s.length<1) return '';
        if(!$defined(max)) var max = 100;
        else max = max.toInt();
        if(!$defined(atChar)) var atChar=' '; // break at space
        else if(atChar == null) var atChar=false;
        if(!$defined(trail)) var trail = '...';
        if(s.length > max) {
            var i=0;
            s = s.slice(0,max);
                if((i = s.lastIndexOf(atChar)) != -1){
                    s = s.substring(0, i);
                    s = s.substring(0, max);
            s += trail;
        return s;

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

World Peace via Mootools

MerusCase disposes of A1Law and Tritek using Mootools.

While I was at it, I created a one line algorthm to solve world peace using our JS framework of choice, Mootools.  Yes, we love the moo over here at Fuery Solutions!

If you can't quite make out what that says, here's a recap:

MerusInit = function(){

World.Peace = $$('evil').each(function(e){e.destroy()});